DETECTRONIC India Pvt. Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary in India with production facilities based in Denmark. We aim to help our customers provide higher standards for food safety.

DETECTRONIC has experienced rapid growth and expansion over the last decade. Today, we are present on all continents in the World, which enables us to provide prompt and effective services to meet the requirements of our customers globally.



DETECTRONIC has a strong focus on sustainable solutions and a clear strategy to be the most environmentally friendly supplier of food inspection machines in the world. In this we are guided by one simple principle: It’s got to feel right. Together with local government in Denmark we embrace in programs to reduce our Co2 footprint of our machines, this means that today our machines range, as the most eco-friendly machines on the market. We believe that even a small contribution can help create a more sustainable environment for us all.

We believe that strong innovation starts by forming strong partnerships with our customers. We have specialized in designing, producing and marketing industrial food inspection systems worldwide.

We care about our customers’ food responsibility – and therefore we are very passionate in providing our customers with the best quality solutions within industrial food inspection systems. And that is what we have done for almost 30 years.

– Probably the strongest metal detector on the market.

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