X-Ray Systems

X-Ray Systems

DETECTRONIC X-ray systems are among the most sophisticated and reliable machines on the market. The innovative design, the advanced technology and the user-friendly interface makes DETECTRONIC a preferred brand around the world.

DETECTRONIC X-Ray systems are widely used for automatic inspection for foreign objects in most parts of the food industry.

DETECTRONIC is the only Danish producer of X-ray systems that has specialized in supplying the food industry where demand for food safety is increasing day by day.

X-ray inspection is used in many different industries e.g. meat, poultry, fish, bread, dairy, confectionary and so forth. X-ray technology can also by applied on both packed, unpacked, bulk and liquid food products.

An X-ray inspection system will typically find much smaller metal pieces than a traditional metal detector and will also be able to detect bones, stones, rubber, some types of plastic, glass, and other unwanted foreign objects alike.

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