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About the Pet Food Industry

Pets and animals are an important member of our household. In fact, the rise of urbanization and purchasing power over the last few decades has helped propel the pet food industry to new heights.

With this growth comes also the demand for safer food to our beloved pets and companions, and just as we care for the food we consume as humans, we also care for the food we serve to our pets and animals.

Manufacturing products catering to the pet food industry is a complex process and a possibility of contamination is as great as in any other food production. A bag of dry pet food, a dog treat package and/or a canned cat food may be contaminated with metal pieces, wires and/or blade parts while on production, which may cause damage to your pets and not least expensive product recalls.

DETECTRONIC can provide you with a sustainable solution to eliminate the risk of foreign metal contamination in your products.

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