About the Seafood Industry

The seafood industry has undergone tremendous changes over the past years. Resources are declining and demand is growing, and the seafood processing companies and consumers are now looking at developing markets for more opportunities where farming is growing at a rapid pace.

The demands for food safety are higher than ever. We see a clear tendency that more and more seafood products are further processed to add value to the products. This means that the products go through a more sophisticated food-manufacturing processes.

This increased process also means dealing with the risk of metal in the products. The risk of metal contamination can arise from various sources, e.g. operator’s personal effects, knives, maintenance or in-plant processing. Such foreign metal materials can act as choking hazards that can endanger both consumers and your brand.

At DETECTRONIC we have worked with the seafood industry ever since we started in 1986, and have gained significant experience in the industry over the years. We can therefore provide you with innovative and sustainable solutions to eliminate the risk of foreign metal contamination in your products.

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