About the Bakery Industry

The bakery food industry is ever growing and diversifying into new products. The bakery industry alone is a fast growing industry with an expected annual growth rate of 2.4% in the future. The driving force behind this growth is the call for more value-added and healthy products. In response, many established manufacturers have redeveloped their products to retain the same great taste, offer a substantial nutritional boost, promote a positive brand image, and foster customer loyalty.

The processing of raw materials often poses a significant risk in the industry, as foreign objects can involuntarily be introduced to the product. The risk is consumer hazards and potential damage to your brand.

Weighing is also a crucial part of an optimized production; it can eliminate expensive overweight and help boost your profit instantly.

DETECTRONIC has worked with the convenience food industry for many years. We pose many installations in many different areas and countries around the world.

With our experience and our strong and reliable machines we can provide you with innovative and sustainable inspection and weighing solutions for your process.

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