Service & Support

Service & Support

As a leading manufacturer of food inspection systems, DETECTRONIC is dedicated to providing world-class service on our machines and equipment. With a global network of highly qualified technicians, we are able to offer a wide range of services to our customers globally.

Service Team

Our service team consists of our own educated and highly qualified technicians who are at your disposal 24 hours a day no matter what kind of Detectronic equipment you might have.

For any enquiry or assistance

Contact us on our 24 hour hotline phone
0045 96 66 30 60

Spare Parts

If you require spare parts for your system, we have you covered. We keep all our main components in stock, which makes us extremely flexible. We also take great pride in our fast delivery services. This assures you that line interruptions are kept to a minimum.

Contact us on our 24 hour hotline phone
0045 96 66 30 60

Technical Support

Our technical support specialists are available to provide solutions to any problems you may encounter with your DETECTRONIC food inspection systems. We offer both onsite and web-based technical support.

Contact us on our 24 hour hotline phone
0045 96 66 30 60


With our service agreement you are guaranteed regular service on your machines, reducing downtime that eats into your production schedule and profits. Our main focus is to carry out a service agreement, which supplements your needs of annual services, checks and more. When obtaining a DETECTRONIC service agreement you achieve highly favorable discounts on services, spare parts, test sets and more.

Our service agreement includes:

  • Checks and calibration of all DETECTRONIC equipment including certificates.
  • Testing and repair of electronic equipment
  • Testing and repair of all mechanical parts
  • Testing and repair of communication and networks systems
  • Preventive maintenance and optimization of your equipment.
  • Functionality reports of each machine combined with comments and guidance on how to make better use of the equipment in order to maintain maximum performances.
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